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How Can an Armored Car Protect the Clients?

Like all great inventions, the creation of an armored car came out of necessity. For transporting valuables or important vehicles, the only option earlier was to travel with a large contingent. However, weapons became deadlier which meant that proper armor was necessary even for the vehicles that the person was traveling in. This brought about the creation and rise for armored cars. These days, most armored cars can withstand assault by most rifles and guns and help the person get away to safety. Here is a short guide to understanding how an armored car is able to do the things it does.

Armor Car

Raw Materials

The material used for making the car is also what gives it the armor. In simple terms, an armored car is designed to be a large sealed box made out of steel. This includes the doors as well. Stainless and galvanized steel is used to prevent corrosion. The steel is hardened to enhance its resistance to bullets with the help of chromium and nickel or heat treatment.

The windows in these cars are also meant to be bulletproof. As such, they can feature layers of glass that have been mixed with layers of optical plastic that are bullet resistant or multiple automotive glass layers. In the same way, special tires are used that can withstand bullets. These tires can allow the car to keep moving at a good speed even if the pneumatic section of the tires loses their pressure.



In order to create an armored car, a heavy duty chassis will have to be built. Once the chassis is ready, the drivetrain and suspension systems are included. Like the rest of the car, these components have to be hard, durable and capable of functioning even in the most difficult conditions.

Then, work is started on the body. In this part of the process, the various components are attached to the chassis to create a reinforced structure. Special techniques that are never used on commercial cars is used here in order to attach the armor.armor car


The Type of Armor Used

The kind of armor used in the car depends greatly on the kind of bullets and weapons it needs to stop. Of course, the best armors tend to have an equally heavy weight. This additional weight can make the car more difficult to maneuver and speed up. On the other hand, the best armors are capable of stopping shots from sniper rifles and machine guns.

The components of the car such as the engine and drivetrain are chosen with care. They need to be capable of smooth performance in spite of the considerable weight of the armor. Other necessary components such as brakes used in armored cars tend to be harder for this reason. Even so, they might need to be replaced more frequently.


Understanding what makes an armored car capable of protecting the people or valuables inside can help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing one. If you are looking to buy an armor car, you should contact an established company with a high reputation. Check this unique land cruiser armored vehicle here.