Celebrating this Holiday season with Limo Bus Toronto

It is the time of the year where people celebrate the end of the year and look to have a great time. It is also the time of the year where many friends and families visit each other to have some splendid memories. We bring you a new way of partying and having the time of your life by renting a limo bus Toronto. These lavish limo buses are designed in a way to give the maximum entertainment while you are partying on the wheels while travelling. It is also one of the safest and most secure ways of having a great time together with your entire crew, friends and family. If you are still not sure why you should be booking a limo bus to celebrate your holiday this festive season, by the end you will be convinced as to why you should book a limo bus for your next big occasion.

1) Professional chauffeur

All limousine buses are accompanied with a professional chauffeur that has extensive training and is certified and licensed. Keeping the safety of the passengers in the mind, all chauffeurs must pass certain training and tests before they are hired. The chauffeur will ensure that you have the maximum comfort and entertainment while riding a limo bus.toronto party bus

2) The amazing entertainment

Limo buses have amazing entertainment features which set them apart from the rest of the buses. All limousine buses are equipped with modern day club lighting and amazing stereo sound systems so that you can enjoy your evening just like a club on the wheels.

3) Space to move and dance pole

One of the best advantages of booking a limo bus is that you can easily move around and shake a leg after having a drink or two. The bus has enough space to dance around and have a great evening. Most limo buses also have a dance pole for extra fun!

4) No stress of drinking or driving

You can also easily drink and not worry about drinking or driving. The driver will pick you up and drop you off to the place. You can have a stress free night and have the maximum fun. Everyone is also secure as they don’t have to wander anywhere outside. The whole crew gets to enjoy the drinks together.

5) Everyone enjoys together

And yes as mentioned before, everyone enjoys the party together. Usually to go to a club you need to reach in separate transportation or take the transit but here once you get on the bus the party starts right away.

You can call any established limo bus Toronto companies to inquire about the various packages and deals they have. A limo bus is certainly one of the upcoming and new ways of enjoying any occasion. So why wait, call now to inquire and have a splendid time having your own club on the wheels. You can contact the company 24 hours around the clock by emailing, filling the form online or calling them. Don’t miss out on the fun! Check here for more info.


Renting a limousine for bachelor night in Toronto

Every one dreams to be a celebrity. Anything we associate with celebrities seems to be classy and sophisticated. Form their dress codes, to living styles even to the way they travel. All the celebs love to travel in fancy cars and big stretch limousines. A limousine ride has always been one of my dream experiences.  After 19 years of wait, I finally had the opportunity and the occasion for Toronto limo rentals on my friends bachelor’s night.

Limousines are always seen as these bold black beasts that are mostly associated with big VIPS. In movies, you will usually see many businesses deals happening, shooters planning their plots while on the way or the bride is being escorted to the church. I would always imagine my dressed up in corporate attire and a limousine coming to pick me and crew up.

It was my friend’s bachelor party, and that’s where we decided to spice up the evening by renting in a limousine. When the limousine arrived, everyone was mesmerized by the sheer look of the car. Everyone was so excited to sit inside, get the party rolling and have a great evening ahead. When I first went inside the limousine, I felt like I never wanted to come out.

toronto limo service

The seats were so comfortable, the interior was luxurious made, there were dim disco lights, there was a mini bar, and the windows were tainted for maximum privacy. Anything you could have imagined a limo would have and it was right there. The sound system was excellent in the limo and there was enough room for everyone to stretch their legs and have a great time.

One thing for sure by booking the limousine is that we didn’t have to drive. Neither had we to worry about drunk driving. We did many bar hopping, stopping at many places and we had the time of our lives. If we had to roam around in our own cars, we wouldn’t have a chance bar hop and be more careful of drunk driving.

After bar hoping, we all went to have a fine dinner in a marvelous restraint in Downtown Toronto.  Once the dinner was done, everyone was dropped safely home. That was the best part about the evening was getting to enjoy to the fullest with worrying of driving. The evening was a splendid one and even better with the help of a limousine. The limousine added grace, charm, glitz and glamour ot the night and we could enjoy ourselves with a chauffeur to driving us around.

Booking a limousine definitely did enlighten my friends’ bachelor night. I would definitely recommend other people to book a limo for their special occasions too. Booking a limo can be done every easily. All you have to call the helpline number. The operators are there to help and will help you ge the best package for the night that falls under your range.

“Matt, is an avid follower of our blogs and this is his first contribution on the experience of his limousine ride on his friend’s bachelor night”


Here’s Why Hiring a Limo in Toronto Is the best way to travel

For years now, limos have been synonymous with comfortable and luxurious travel. Whether you are hiring it as an airport transport, planning your best friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party or just taking a family trip, you will be surprised how limos can fulfill your requirements in all these situations. Most people are of the opinion that hiring a limo will burn an unnecessary hole in their pockets, but the truth is that they are quite reasonable and convenient when compared to the alternatives. Here are a few advantages for a Toronto limo service for your next travel.

toronto limos

State-Of-The-Art Features  

Limos come equipped with some of the best features you will ever see. Most of these vehicles have their own stereo as well as a television system and also come equipped with Wi-Fi and telephone services. If you are travelling to another city and hate to waste the time you are spending on the road, you can take the time taken for the trip to catch up on work, return phone calls, answer to emails etc. If all you are looking for is some time to relax, you can catch up on your favorite television show or take a snooze while the limo transports you to your destination.

The stereo feature is especially useful when you are using the limo as party transport. Stuck in traffic on the way to the party venue? Instead of letting it put a damper on your party spirit, pumps up some pop tunes on the crystal clear stereo and starts the party before you get to the destination. If you are taking a limo back home and struggling to fight the jet lag, let some soothing tunes lull you to sleep till you get home.

It Is Cost Effective and Convenient

At first go, you might be of the opinion that since limos are a sign of luxury and plush travel, they are likely to cost a fortune to hire one. But this is far from the truth. If you compare the cost of hailing a cab, paying for parking at the destination, and then hailing one back with just simply paying for a limo, you will clearly see which is the better option.

Hailing a cab or even calling a taxi service can be stressful as you constantly have to worry about if they will be on time and maintain the schedule. This is even more so when you have a plane to catch or attend an important meeting. However, with a limo service you can count on the driver to be at your door before time. As limos are equipped with GPS and get constant updates about the traffic conditions, they can easily navigate their way through the most convenient route and avoid traffic jams.

Comfort First

Lastly, travel must be comfortable and not something that you have to do to get to your destination. If you are someone for who comfort is the key, especially while travelling, then hiring a limo is the best decision for you. Nonetheless, if you are worried about the added cost, it is recommended that you try it before making a decision. Contact the Toronto limo company now.


How Can an Armored Car Protect the Clients?

Like all great inventions, the creation of an armored car came out of necessity. For transporting valuables or important vehicles, the only option earlier was to travel with a large contingent. However, weapons became deadlier which meant that proper armor was necessary even for the vehicles that the person was traveling in. This brought about the creation and rise for armored cars. These days, most armored cars can withstand assault by most rifles and guns and help the person get away to safety. Here is a short guide to understanding how an armored car is able to do the things it does.

Armor Car

Raw Materials

The material used for making the car is also what gives it the armor. In simple terms, an armored car is designed to be a large sealed box made out of steel. This includes the doors as well. Stainless and galvanized steel is used to prevent corrosion. The steel is hardened to enhance its resistance to bullets with the help of chromium and nickel or heat treatment.

The windows in these cars are also meant to be bulletproof. As such, they can feature layers of glass that have been mixed with layers of optical plastic that are bullet resistant or multiple automotive glass layers. In the same way, special tires are used that can withstand bullets. These tires can allow the car to keep moving at a good speed even if the pneumatic section of the tires loses their pressure.



In order to create an armored car, a heavy duty chassis will have to be built. Once the chassis is ready, the drivetrain and suspension systems are included. Like the rest of the car, these components have to be hard, durable and capable of functioning even in the most difficult conditions.

Then, work is started on the body. In this part of the process, the various components are attached to the chassis to create a reinforced structure. Special techniques that are never used on commercial cars is used here in order to attach the armor.armor car


The Type of Armor Used

The kind of armor used in the car depends greatly on the kind of bullets and weapons it needs to stop. Of course, the best armors tend to have an equally heavy weight. This additional weight can make the car more difficult to maneuver and speed up. On the other hand, the best armors are capable of stopping shots from sniper rifles and machine guns.

The components of the car such as the engine and drivetrain are chosen with care. They need to be capable of smooth performance in spite of the considerable weight of the armor. Other necessary components such as brakes used in armored cars tend to be harder for this reason. Even so, they might need to be replaced more frequently.


Understanding what makes an armored car capable of protecting the people or valuables inside can help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing one. If you are looking to buy an armor car, you should contact an established company with a high reputation.



Getting to the airport with an airport limo

Toronto airport limo services can be reserved for many occasions than just simple airport transfers. From putting an impression on the client to a causal point to point transfer, airport limo will take care of all your travelling needs.

Airport picks ups and drop offs: Now travel to airport without any hassle by renting an airport limo Toronto. Our experienced chauffeurs will take care of your entire luggage and will ensure you catch your flight on time using the faster route. Our chauffeur will also be waiting ahead of time when you arrive to the city and will take comfortably back home.

Commercial limo service: Who doesn’t want to leave a lasting impression on the client and hope that they stay with your business for a long time? Send a limo to pick your client up from the airport or simply from their office. Leave that lasting impression on the client for a long healthy relation

Point to point: Feel like going to another part of the town. Rent a Toronto airport limo and casually travel with luxury and comfort to your destination

Night outs: Rent a limo and have a great night out celebrating birthdays and bachelorettes wit hour luxury fleet. You will surely have a memorable night with loads of memories to cherish with airport limo Toronto

Special occasions: You can now book our limo services for your special nights such as prom night or wedding day. Travel in your beautiful dresses and be ready to shine like a star on your special day. We also have exclusive packages including additional services for special events.

Call Toronto airport limo service now to book your luxury airport limo fleet.